I'm Paul, a 21 year old student in graphic design.

Winter 2012 - One semestre as exchange student at design center of Université du Québèc à Montreal (UQAM), Montreal, Canada.

Summer 2012 - Three months internship. Assistant art director. Ecorce. Montreal, Canada. Identity, web design, publishing, advertising.

Summer 2011 - One month internship. Assistant Graphic Designer. Pulse association (Publishing). Nantes, France. Publishing, Web, Photography.

Winter 2010 - Participation in exhibition. Museum of Natural History of Nantes, France.

Since 2009, i'm preparing a master degree in visual communication.
École de communication visuelle (ECV Atlantique). Nantes, France.

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☎ +33 7 81 09 37 17


✖ 4 rue Marmontel, Nantes, FRANCE

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